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Celebrity with watch

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Fashion evolves and changes every week, and lately one of the newest trends is Black Contact Lenses. And one of the items that people can use to add to their fashion statement is to use various colored contact lenses to add drama to the look of their eyes and change them completely. In addition, they are even made for people who don't need corrective lenses to improve their vision but want to make a fashion statement.

With the black lenses, there are several options available. One option is the Black Sclera Contacts that cover the entire eye with a completely black lens. It completely covers the color of the iris as well as the White Sclera. The breitling navitimer black contact lenses is particularly popular for Vampire costumes around Halloween, and provides that totally spooky look for other costume parties at different times of the year. These lenses have also been a breitling superocean popular look for those wanting to dress up as aliens or other types of monsters for a costume party. To achieve that truly scary look, these are perfect.

Another type of contact lens that is black is a Gothic Contact lens. This style of lens is totally black to cover both the pupil and the iris of the eye, and it blocks out any light colored iris such as blue, green, or grey. For black contact lenses, these are a very important part of the costume for the dark Gothic appearance. It even works quite well for those who are donning a Dracula, werewolf, witch, or vampire costume.

One type of contact lens has a large black pupil, and minimal color around the edge. These outer edge colors can be in a variety of colors such as red, orange, yellow, or even a small pattern. These can add a completely eerie look to the costume because the other guests see such a tiny amount of color that they must take a second look just to see if they really saw what they thought they saw. More and more people are wearing them to add that extra unexpected pop to the costume - and those that are into the Goth look on a regular basis may even war them every day.

These black contact lenses add an extra dimension to the costume to spook everyone at the party with the unexpected look in the eyes. They are even available in prescription lenses.

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